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After an individual is found guilty of a crime, a judge imposes a sentence which may include fees, fines, community service, probation, jail, community corrections, or prison. The prosecutor and defense attorney on the case provide recommendations to the judge, who decides on the ultimate sentence. This section presents information on sentencing by the most severe sentence imposed on the case. 

Why is this important? It is important to ensure sentences minimize unnecessary punitiveness while appropriately addressing serious crime. In addition, we want to treat all individuals fairly and equitably.


Below are a set of indicators that provide additional context about sentencing. These indicators help the DA's Office ensure they are ensuring fairness in the type and severity of sentences imposed, reducing unnecessary pretrial detention, and avoiding unwarranted incarceration without compromising public safety.

Race and ethnicity data is not collected by law enforcement as a matter of course across the district. We would like to work with our law enforcement partners through training opportunities to capture this data and more accurately reflect any differences in treatment of defendants by race and ethnicity.

Click Here for more information about race and ethnicity data collection and limitations.

Pretrial Detention Indicator

The below indicator provides additional context about pretrial detention, incarceration in jail prior to case resolution. This indicator helps the DA's Office ensure the reduction of unnecessary pretrial detention.


  • Underlying data counts for each chart can be accessed through this link.
  • This data reflects only those cases where a sentence was ultimately imposed. Cases that resulted in diversion, an outright dismissal, or some other resolution, are not reflected here. 
  • This data represents initial sentences only, sometimes a case may have a subsequent sentence in cases because of a revocation of probation or due to a request to modify the sentence. Those subsequent sentences are not represented here.
  • Warrants are excluded (for all cases identified as a warrant).