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Serving Victims of Crime

By Sue Ferrere and Allison Boyd · 2023-2-3

Our office prioritizes vulnerable populations, including children, at-risk adults, and victims of domestic violence. Victim Witness Specialists work closely with victims within the Special Victims Unit, which prosecutes felony cases involving child or elder victims. In 2021 the Victim Witness Unit served a total of 2,741 individuals who were victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, and child sexual or physical abuse. Victims of domestic violence make up 91% of the victims served.

“Thank you to the specialist for her kindness and communication.  Thank you to the DA and all for your work on getting justice and a guilty plea.  This means so much to us and is huge in the recovery process and healing for my boys.”

VRA Crime Trends

In 1992, Colorado voters amended the state Constitution to include the Victim Rights Amendment. The enabling legislation became the Victim Rights Act (VRA), which outlines the rights of victims, the responsibilities of criminal justice agencies, and the crimes that are covered by the VRA (“VRA crimes”).  The Colorado Constitution states that any person who is a victim of a criminal act shall have the right to be heard when relevant, informed, and present at all critical stages of the criminal justice process.

Felonies, including violent felonies, have remained steady since 2018 (Charging and Filing), but the number of felony VRA cases and victims that we serve increased from 2017 to 2018 and remains relatively high. The increase is in part due to legislative additions to VRA crimes, and a new crime being added to make strangulation a felony 2nd degree assault.  Strangulation is common in domestic violence crimes