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Staffing and Caseloads

This section presents information about staff capacity, caseload distribution, and staff characteristics.

Why is this important?  Understanding how we staff our office helps to ensure that the office is spending its resources wisely, has enough people to be effective, and is supporting staff recruitment.

The data provided indicates the number of new criminal cases opened to each prosecutor during a quarter. This data does not include probation violation complaints, extradition cases, petitions to seal, other post-conviction matters, or cases that are currently set for hearing or trial. Some of our specialty units, including those that work with vulnerable populations, have intentionally lower caseloads because of the complexity of the litigation.

Through a new recruitment program we anticipate higher county court caseloads during the summer months while we support new attorneys entering the profession and joining our office after taking the bar exam in October.

Line Prosecutors (or Deputy District Attorney) are assigned to handle all aspects of criminal cases under the direction of their team’s respective Leadership Prosecutor (or Chief Deputy District Attorney).

Deputy district attorneys are assisted by victim witness specialists, investigators, and other support staff. These members of our team are essential to serving our community effectively.

Chief Deputy DAs are senior-level leaders appointed by the elected DA to mentor and supervise a team of attorneys while providing assistance on critical cases.

Diversion staff members supervise defendants/clients in our Diversion program.


  • Underlying data counts for each chart can be accessed through this link.