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Moving on From Marijuana Initiative

By Ken Kupfner · August 31, 2022

In December 2012, Amendment 64 was enacted in Colorado effectively legalizing recreational marijuana for persons over 21 years of age.  In the years that followed, it became evident that many people had convictions on their records for marijuana offenses that were no longer illegal and in fact were now constitutionally protected under Amendment 64.

Michael Dougherty was appointed as the District Attorney in the Twentieth Judicial District in March 2018 and elected by Boulder County voters in November 2018.  DA Dougherty made it a priority to address and correct the convictions for prior conduct that had become constitutionally protected.

In 2019, the District Attorney’s Office launched its “Moving On From Marijuana” initiative.  Moving On From Marijuana is a District Attorney’s Office program that vacates and seals old convictions on qualifying marijuana offenses.  The District Attorney’s Office believes it is a matter of fundamental fairness to eliminate the impact of convictions for constitutionally protected conduct. Since 2019, the District Attorney’s Office has advanced this effort by advertising events where people could walk in to ask questions and get the process started.  Individuals can obtain information from the District Attorney’s website and are now able to request review by email.

A web form is available to be filled out at:

Moving-on-from-MJ-Web-Form.pdf (