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Serving Victims

This section presents information about victimization, victim characteristics, and the District Attorney’s (DA) Office’s engagement with victims, witnesses, and the general community. 

Why is this important? Understanding the victim population, providing effective services, and timely engagement helps develop the mutual transparency and trust needed to advance community safety and well-being.


Below are a set of indicators that provide additional context about serving victims. These indicators help the DA's Office ensure they are supporting crime victims with timely outreach, ensuring victims' voices are heard, and preventing future victimization. 

NOTE: Law enforcement victims of crime currently do not have an age or gender associated with the victim in the case management system and default to "other" race. This limitation is being addressed with the Colorado District Attorney's Council who maintains the programing for the case management system. For other victims, within the limitations of information collected by law enforcement, DA staff has been advised to be as complete and accurate with inputting this data into the case management system.

Underlying data counts for each chart can be accessed through this link.